Touq Arrayan Co. | For construction
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we are

We are a general trading and limited construction company recently established, however its true history is more prominent than its establishment date. It is the result of a long journey of TOUQ ARRAYAN BUREAU for engineering and general construction that was founded in 2005. The office had a successful history in engineering and reconstruction.

The purpose of establishing the company is to enforce the reconstruction effort in our country and provide the best engineering and reconstruction services to public projects, private sector and local workers. The company is setting one foot after another to prove itself among the great construction companies in the country at the behest of God and staff who manage this company with cooperation between the managerial and technical teams.

Company’s Values


We value and appreciate the continuous and big relations of our company with our agents, partners, and staff


We are obligated to provide a civilized and respectful behavior in all our activities with others


The most important aspect of our company is to maintain our excellent reputation within our business and trading operations

Continuous Development

We always look forward to development through continuous learning and research

ALL Values


This activity is considered one of the most important activities of the company in 25 years, throughout its commercial branches distributed over basrah before the foundation of the company, because of the integrated assistance and coordination of our agents and care of the responsible staff of the commercial division we became one of the biggest suppliers on a local basis. These branches played a big role with marketing of imported products with high standards under quality control in the past years, the division contains many products to meet client and market needs, and the company focuses on importing construction materials in specific.

Company’s Goals

Achieve continuous growth to diversify revenue resources

Increasing revenues and profit in a continuous manner

Achieve uniqueness in project implementation

Creating a legendary business environment for our employees

Achieve executive uniqueness throughout the entire operations of the company

Attracting best of qualified individuals and developing their potential and maintaining them

Obligation to society advancement and human development

Enter into strategic partnerships with unique companies who carry out construction activities of all kinds.

Company’s Message

The primary basis of the company is to build top quality projects for the associations and society that we work with through introducing top construction levels and redevelopment. We are obligated to flourish in the market to present the most modern methods of constructing buildings through our various working groups who focus their efforts to assist in the design of any project undertaken.