Touq Arrayan Co. | About us
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About us



We are a general trading and limited construction company recently established, however its true history is more prominent than its establishment date. It is the result of a long journey of TOUQ ARRAYAN BUREAU for engineering and general construction that was founded in 2005. The office had a successful history in engineering and reconstruction.


The purpose of establishing the company is to enforce the reconstruction effort in our country and provide the best engineering and reconstruction services to public projects, private sector and local workers. The company is setting one foot after another to prove itself among the great construction companies in the country at the behest of God and staff who manage this company with cooperation between the managerial and technical teams.


The company continues to follow the growth of reconstruction and development of resources, qualifications and experiences necessary in the reconstruction effort.

The company succeeded in its objective……… depending on qualified Iraqi individuals. The company did not depend on individuals with certificates and diplomas but guided and trained them continuously. The company contains a great quantity of equipment and upgrades it to ensure the highest quality in completion of the objective. Touq Arrayan is not afraid nor is reluctant of conducting any project regardless of its size.

Company’s Vision:


Leadership in execution of projects with quality standards and safety in continuous growth to build a better future.

Company’s Message:


The primary basis of the company is to build top quality projects for the associations and society that we work with through introducing top construction levels and redevelopment. We are obligated to flourish in the market to present the most modern methods of constructing buildings through our various working groups who focus their efforts to assist in the design of any project undertaken.


Our core values enforce our identity and place in the construction business.