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The Company offers an extensive spectrum of construction services to both the public and private sectors across Iraq. It has cultivated a strong reputation for problem-solving innovation, skilled workmanship, and dedicated customer care services. Our leadership in the field is characterized by an emphasis on technological innovation, the pursuit of advancements in foundational knowledge, and an adoption of a holistic systems approach. We channel our efforts towards quantitative and analytical methodologies, along with the development and utilization of fitting tools and technology.

In 2014, originating from Iraq and specifically Basra, TOUQ AL-RAYYAN Company for Trade and General Contracting Ltd. embarked on its journey under the leadership of Engineer Ammar Chasib Al Daghir and his partner, Engineer Ali Hamza Jaafar. The company received a fifthclass classification based on the categorization of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning. The company’s establishment was driven by the objective of not only achieving financial revenue but also supporting the urban renaissance in our beloved nation. Its primary focus remains on providing top notch engineering services and comprehensive general contracting to government projects, the private sector, and local clientele. This company actively fosters a positive collaboration with its administrative and technical teams and consistently aligns with the trajectory of urban growth and the development of resources, competencies, and expertise required for its elevation. This dedication resulted in the company achieving the third degreein 2019.
TOUQ AL-RAYAN Company realized its motto, “Mettle until summit,” by relying on the capabilities of Iraqi professionals. The company’s approach extended beyond individuals with certificates and specialization; it actively directed and continually developed them through intensive training and qualification courses across all fields. Moreover, the company maintains a sophisticated fleet of various equipment, which is continuously updated to ensure maximum efficiency in delivery while prioritizing worker safety. TOUQ AL-RAYAN Company approaches work without hesitation, regardless of its size, and readily undertakes projects of any magnitude.

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